In the new 6/3 issue: YouTube sensation Karmin, DiMasi's House scandal, Palin's bus tour and more

 Karmin strike YouTube gold

Boston's YouTube sensation Karmin reflect on the success of their viral hit.  We explore whether there will be an afterlife, online.   In the wake of DiMasi's House scandal, how can legislators neglect AIDS funding?  Although a bit clumsy and overambitious, Tree of Life is ultimately an endearing and beautiful film.  Reporter James Foley shares his harrowing experience as a Libyan Captive.  MyTV pulls the plug on local sitcom Quiet Desperation.  Sarah Palin's gaudy bus tour just might propel her rival Romney to the White House.

Read all the stories online in this week's table of contents for the June 3rd issue and explore the cover archive.

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