Meme of the Day: #YourMomIsSoRevere

We didn't think it could get better. But it got better.

Not to be outdone by the Patriots Day Twitter meme #PRCMOMS -- a/k/a "Your Mom Is So Cambridge" -- @joegrav and @ChuckGiuffrida today struck back with #YourMomIsSoRevere

Be afraid. Be very afraid. 

Not since the catholic church scandal have so many revealed so much about . . . so much fucked up shit. Binge drinking. Undeveloped disposable cameras. Cereal for breakfast.  General sluttiness. You know what we're talking about. So far, though, we think this one is in the lead.

You know what this means, right? Yup: next week, #YourMomIsSoMedford. I know we can make this happen. 

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