St. Patrick's Day Fun Shite!

Gird your leprechauns: it's upon us once again. A day when Bostonians put aside their differences and come together in the shared pursuit of delights so debauched that Fat Tuesday seem like a lazy Sunday passed at your grandma's church social in comparison (ok, well not quite.) A day that we celebrate with more ferocity and dedication than the dude's own compatriots (they actually hardly seem to give a shit, so we give it for them.) A day when the streets run green with beer, piss and slightly misplaced pride....and we all splash around in it. Well, metaphorically-speaking, of course. St. Patty's Day! And in honor of that most-hallowed of patron saints, we've compiled a list of all the Lá Fhéile Pádraig-themed events that you're welcome to attend and not remember. And if public inebriation isn't really your bag, we've included some more, er, decorous activities, like St. Patrick's Day-themed dinners and brunches. Bangers n' mash for everyone! Check em' out below and remember: always revel responsibly.  

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