Kudos to DC for passing same-sex marriage bill!

I've been so busy I forgot to put this up on last week!

I just want express my heartfelt congrats and pride (pride because I still call that area "home" most of the time) and all its residents for a battle well fought and an outcome well deserved. The same-sex marriage bill passed last Thursday and was signed into legislation on Friday by Washington Mayor Adrian M. Fenty. Now it has to pass a Congressional review, which it should do with no problem, in about a month.

Of course, now there are now those opponents of gay marriage trying to stop this equal rights process, namely local pastor Bishop Harry Jackson. Jackson and other opponents are seeking to get a proposed ban on gay marriage on the ballot, reports the Associated Press. The Board of Elections and Ethics turned them down, so naturally, the Jackson gang are suing. The AP reported that lawyers for the city of Washington are asking the judge to throw out the proposal. Let's hope the judge has enough sense to do so.

Washington, DC now joins only a handful of states (even though DC isn't technically a state) where same-sex marriage is legal: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Iowa, and (taking effect January 2010) New Hampshire. What does it mean when nearly all the states are in NE? Something about our progressiveness? Kudos to us too then!

For much more on this issue in DC, head to the

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