Recap and Video: An Afternoon with Michael Moore

For all the bad things that “compassionate” talk radio crack-lickers say about Michael Moore, he sure is a nice dude. So nice, in fact, that he allowed us to video the round-table interview that Boston writers conducted before yesterday’s screening of Capitalism: A Love Story. His only request: we not show his legs.

Of course, Moore’s good deeds go beyond generating traffic for the Phoenix web site. His new film is a work intended to raise awareness about the struggles of hard laboring people - even if a lot of them are fools who believe that their economic woes began this year on January 20.

The chat was extremely candid, as Moore explained how he dupes corporate Hollywood into financing his projects, and admitted to subjecting himself to David Zucker’s tragically unfunny satirical attempt, An American Carol. “I demand that someone make a funny movie about me,” joked Moore, who, like me, can’t figure out why conservatives are creatively destitute.

The screening was hardly a red carpet roll-out, as Moore invited Jobs With Justice to sponsor and help pack the house. Not only was Loews filled with Cambridge types sporting unruly facial hair and Fall-friendly Patagonias - several of the Hyatt employees who were unfairly laid off last month also showed (join them today for a 4pm march from the State House to the Hyatt).

I’m aware that some early criticism of Moore’s Love Story assails him for attempting to address an issue as complex as capitalism. But like he said in our interview: every film he’s ever made is about ruthless American traditions, and this is a triumphant encore of sorts. Furthermore; his focus is not so complicated after all - the rich get wealthier and poor people stay content until their cable gets shut off.

As will be the case for most literate liberals, I learned very few things from the new Moore polemic. I didn’t know that Citibank sadistically hired workers in Flint, Michigan to process evictions for families nationwide, but it’s hardly news that Chris Dodd and the Clintons are scumbags while George Bush and Dick Cheney are evil incarnate.

That said; I found Love Story to be one of Moore’s best-assembled and funniest documentaries yet. His playing Wall Street Robin Hood may come across as corny in the trailers, but in the context of the film it’s hilarious when dude wraps crime scene tape around the Merrill Lynch bull’s swollen testicles.

I’m sure this film will be received like every other Moore piece; crooks and liars will ignore the forest and attempt to saw down every tree, while paupers and lefties will be reminded of the urgent work that needs to be done in the name of justice. As for oppressed folks who believe that Michael Moore is the problem: have fun at the next Tea Party you dumb bastards.

Read Peter Keough's Review of Capitalism: A Love Story Here...

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