Gaming news roundup, week of Feb. 4

Although the video game industry has a tendency to hibernate during the long, cold winter months like a grizzly bear full of boy scouts, there are always a few interesting snippets for those who know where to look (hint: the internet). Here are a few from the last couple days:

2K Boston, the developers of 2007's critically worshipped Bioshock, are supposedly working on a brand-new multiplayer FPS.

There's a new class at UC Berkeley that teaches students how to mop the floor with noobs in Starcraft.

Arcade-style light gun shooter enthusiasts will finally be able to waste their virtual quarters on the road with Time Crisis Strike for iPhone. Oh, boy.

If you love British men and cheese as much as I do, then you'll probably be excited to learn that somebody is finally making a Wallace and Gromit game for Xbox Live Arcade and PC. Wait a second, that's not what I meant..

An extremely dissatisfied gamer recently threatened to blow up the developers of Bomberman. I just hope the irony wasn't wasted on him.

Mario Kart Wii, which by my count is the sixth entry in the series (not counting the arcade version that lets you drive around as Pac-man for some reason), was the best-selling game in the entire world in 2008.

Check out this well-written article about one woman's belief that video games are helping her autistic son learn real-world skills.

Those who survived the recent bloody purge at the office of 1up and EGM with their jobs intact have added another entry to their "Postmortem Interview" series, this one focusing on epically overlooked PS2 classic "Shadow of the Colossus". To the disappointment of everyone, they somehow forgot to ask about a sequel.

Finally, has new previews for Batman: Arkham Asylum and Uncharted 2, and a review for the PS3's upcoming shooter Killzone 2, the hype for which has officially become ridiculous. Naturally, our friends at Penny Arcade have something to say about that.

-- Mike Rougeau

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