Best spots for a frosty-fix

After a long, erratic winter that kept us in limbo between scarves and shorts, Mother Nature finally seems to be gracing us with some much needed warmth and sunshine.

And what better to celebrate this advent than with heaping scoops of some of Boston’s best cold treats?  

88 Food Connection International Food Court
Boston, MA 02215

Pinkberry has been popping up on every New York corner after buy-out from coffee-giant Starbucks. But never fear to all those Bostonians who have also caught on to the frozen yogurt craze! Yo!Berry at Super 88, the Mecca of all things Asian in Boston, offers up a creamier and more generous version of the popular froyo, topped with fresh fruits and familiar toppings such as Fruity Pebbles and chocolate chips.


Picco Restaurant
513 Tremont St.
Boston, MA 02116

This South End restaurant serves up homemade ice cream in an array of creative and exotic flavors. All of the flavors are distinct and filled with an orgasmic kick. Try the ginger, fresh pear, and coconut chip in a sample flight which comes in a trio of teacups. Enjoy your dessert after a meal while sitting outdoors in the artsy South End. You’ll definitely want to order the homemade pizza and calzones while you’re there.


Christina's Ice Cream
1255 Cambridge St
Cambridge, MA 02139

Christina’s is the ultimate wet dream for ice cream lovers, offering a smörgåsbord of unique flavors like chocolate banana and white coffee mocha flake. You can even request flavors to satisfy any desires to cool-off during those hot, sticky days. Although there is little to no seating, one lick will shut anyone up from complaining.



Boston Tea Stop
54 JFK Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

This cutsy café located just off of Harvard Square is one of the few places you can find mochi ice cream—a heavenly Japanese rice cake filled with ice cream in flavors like green tea, mango, and strawberry.  It’s common to find students spending the afternoon playing the supplied games of Uno or Guess Who? It’s also the perfect stop for boba (tea with tapioca pearls).


Angora Café
1024A Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02215

This is by far the best place in Boston for frozen yogurt! Think of it as a less heart-attack-inducing version of Coldstone ice cream, with still all of the taste. You can choose from a flood of mix-ins such as Toblerone, Chai, and Nutella. They combine whatever you wish in a huge machine that cranks out your sweet concoction. Try coffee, Heath, and graham crackers—or for a fruitier mix, strawberry and vanilla malt.

-Christine Choe

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