More Notes on the Project Runway Finale

Proj Run! Ian beat me to the official rundown, read on if you want to hear more post-finale ramblings.

Christian took it all, which was totally expected even having known in advance that his collection would be the least wearable and even more "costume" (read: couture) than Chris's stuff ever was. I knew he would win as soon as Jezebel deliciously leaked each of the collections (note: ringers Chris AND Sweet P. presented!) as well as the fact that Posh was the guest judge. The networks lurve a boy genius. Soo yeah, Jillian's knits were interesting, though I liked the idea of them more than I actually would like to wear them. That sweater with the cut-outs? Can you say J.C. Penny junior dept. sale rack? Nevertheless, I adore her. And not just cause she's a neurotic, over-careful, quietish girl from my home territory of Lawnguyland. The best part of all is that she seems so much nicer than the Mean Fashion Girls I went to high school with -- their personalities were much more akin to Christian's, actually, which is hardly a surprise. I expect very cool things, and many amazing jackets from Jillian in the future and I hope her boyfriend proposes to her asap because he seems to be very much in love, which warms my heart. Did you see how sweetly he kissed her while she was crying over her loss? It was like the cameras weren't even there! This is what I live for. But anyway, the real success of the Bryant Park show was Rami. Mr. Drapey McDraperson is an expert tailor, who knew! So WHAT if he likes "Brady Bunch colors" (read: jewel-tones, which I love)? Mike Kors, you're such a jackass. Rami really is the most cerebral and I think he'll have just as much post-show success as Christian will. He may even be the Clay Aiken to Christian's Reuben. We shall have to wait and see. Love you, Rams. Love you even more when you trot after Christian when he says, "Come on, girl!"

To squelch my sadness over having no more PJ for months and months, I've been catching up on the Bravo blogs. There's an incredible post-win Q&A with Christian here, and I urge you to read it in its entirety. (It also includes a fucking great mini-photoshoot with Christian and Heidi, as seen above) For posterity's sake, here is the ultimate, most amazing, best quote ever -- and so true. Christian, you're a sassy, foul-mouthed little bitch with high-maintainance hair, but you know your shit:

Did you just know that Victoria Beckham would like your collection?
In the back of my head, I’m not going lie, I was like, “Victoria’s the judge. This is me.” She’s who I design for! She’s English, she’s from Europe, she’s very very into high fashion, and some of her favorite designers are McQueen and Chanel and Lagerfeld, you know? I knew there was no way she was not going to like what I did. It was amazing because she’s someone I would actually want to try to dress. I actually think I said when we first started and Bravo asked us all who we’d want to dress, I’m pretty sure I said Victoria Beckham. Well, and I said Britney, but actually I said I wanted to save Britney! My new goal in life is to come up with my new reality show called Project Britney where I transform her and I save her life and make her the most fabulous person ever! She needs a gay! She has no gays! Have you ever noticed that? She has no gay boys helping her! She only has straight people and, no offense, but straighties don’t know how to fix the divas! It’s so weird! I’ve never seen any gay stylists working her.

The perfect ending to a delightful Season Four: The Tim and Christian walk-off!!

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