CLICK TRACKS: Music News Roundup (Walken' on Gaga, Weezer in Snuggies, Bono straddles the Berlin Wall, and more)

In the best (and strangest) pop re-make since Shatner gave us "Rocket Man," Christopher Walken weighs in on the Gaga phenom with a spoken-word rendition of "Poker Face" on BBC1's Friday Night With Jonathan Ross. Truly a gem, but [OBLIGATORY "MORE COWBELL" JOKE TK].


If you want to destroy your sweater ... it's OK. Because, finally, the long-awaited Weezer Snuggies (Wuggies? Sneezers?) have been released for sale. Just in time for the holidays! Not sure just what makes this cozy caftan different than the original -- other than a legit Weezer logo and the Cuomo seal of approval -- but we'll probably get one anyway. What?

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better (the Pixies are touring again! They'll be performing Doolittle in its entirety at every show!), we found out that Weird Al Yankovic will be joining the legendary alt-rockers onstage at a December gig. We wonder what song he'll be defiling, er, performing. "Wave of Masturbation", perhaps

Everyone knows there can be no Sublime without Bradley Nowell -- everyone except surviving band members Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh, that is. The two non-Nowell members, who have been performing as the Long Beach Dub Allstars for the past decade or so, tried to resurrect the defunct (and far more successful) musical venture with the addition of a new lead singer. (Also not Bradley Nowell.) No dice, said Nowell's family. A judge agreed.

So, uber-humanitarian and rock demigod Bono can do no wrong? Tell that to the outraged citizens of Berlin, who were rightly incensed when U2 staff built a barrier wall, blocking non-ticket holders from viewing a concert to be held in the city this evening. The kicker? It's a free show, in tribute to the 20-year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Apparently, blatant irony is Bono's one weakness.

You may remember the sticky wicket involving Kurt Cobain's trainwreck of an ex-wife Courtney Love and Guitar Hero 5. Now the likeness-appropriating Activision is making headlines again with their latest "Hero" installment, "Band Hero," and their portrayal of the unwilling members of No Doubt. They'll be walking through a spiderweb of red tape trying to work out this latest legal hassle, as the lawsuit claims the game results in "results in an unauthorized performance by the Gwen Stefani avatar in a male voice boasting about having sex with prostitutes."

Also in Gaga news (can there be no relief?): Apparently, her Ladyship has plans to release a holiday art book -- partly from her head. "Book of Gaga" comes complete with locks of hair snipped off her stage wigs. Excuse us while we clear the vomit from our throats.

Y'all remember Ray J, right? "Sexy Can I"? No, nothing? Well, he's the smarmy younger bro of now-irrelevant R&B songbird Brandy, and he's looking for love. Again. Get your weave did, dust off the boobie tassles, and settle in for the second installment of For the Love of Ray J -- if for no other reason than to watch him give the lucky ladies nicknames like "Fettuccine" and make keen observations such as "She's built like a Pepto-Bismol bottle." Also, it is damn entertaining.

Ahh, Dane Cook. Once upon a MySpace first look, he was amusing. Now he's a cosmic punchline mostly relegated to "acting" in movies alongside other "actors" like Jessica Simpson. How the mighty have fallen. Which is why we're not quite sure why Spin enlisted him to share his witticisms on the subject of "10 Things Not to Do at a Concert." Come for the dreadful humor hand grenades (#9: "Don't use a bathroom stall if the prior occupant comes out covered head to toe in their own shit"); stay for the hilariously inept squabbling in the comments.


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