James Murphy weighs in on LCD Soundsystem's 45-minute iTunes-only Nike promo

You have probably heard by now about the 45-minute long track that James Murphy a/k/a LCD Soundsystem did for Nike as an iTunes-only download intended for people who run (presumably, for people who run in Nike sneakers). We were very surprised about this because we've seen James Murphys tummy and we never would have guessed him for a runner, let alone a . . . martial artist?! From the press release:

Driven to create something outside of the limitations imposed by commercial releases, Murphy’s own interest in running and his experiences in fight training and jiujitsu informed the conceptual framework of the album: "In testing, I found that 'hard, fast, propulsive' music was NOT the best running music for me… Sometimes the best way to keep running is to find the parts of the run that are actually rests – that while you’re still running, you’re viewing some of the run as soothing and recuperative, rather than constantly feeling like you’re running for your life."

Unsurprisingly, there have been cries of "sellout" or cries resembling "sellout" or whatever. Now Murphy himself has posted on the DFA UK message board to reassure the faithful: it's all good we own the masters plus they gave me a Nano. Cred rebuilding: goes out of his way to big-up Starburys!

"Just saying--no, you don't have to buy any nike or ipod shit if you don't want it. i mean, i have the ipod version 2--the brick with the wheel on the front--that i put a new battery in. they DID give me a nano when i did this, which is kind of cute, but feels a little disposable.

the thing is, i don't really own any nike stuff. i have one pair of basketball shoes that were on sale in cape cod for $21, but that's it. i wasn't going to do it until i realized what it was--45 minutes of disco that someone would have the capacity to release for me.

the best thing is that dfa gets it back in like 6 months, so we can put it out on vinyl etc. it's pretty sweet. i'll probably get in trouble for talking so candidly about it, but whatever. what's the worst that can happen? i don't get to make another 45-minute disco jam for nike?

nike just wanted some "content" for this new thingy they made--there wasn't a lot of music that was long enough to put on the running things, and "mixes" can be uninspiring, so they started asking people to make tracks for it. seemed like an obvious thing for me to do, nike or whomever.

anyway: have you all heard about the starbury shoes? stephan marbury from the nicks is one of my heroes and he made these totally amazing, super-cheap shoes for kids that don't have dough. google that shit."

Incidentally, Nick Sylvester is frothing at the mouth about this track like that Japanese guy on Heroes who can see the future -- apparently he predicted the convergence of fitness, downloadable music, and hipsters -- introducing the ripster -- over a year ago. Also, he's right: commissions are the future of music. Also, get over the Voice bullshit, Nick Sylvester is still Lester Bangs 2.0 and you're not.

Nike's lawyers are scrambling lawyers to take this thing down as quick as people put it up. You might dig around Hipinion for clues. Also, if anyone has the DFA remix of Justin Timberlake's "My Love" please post in comments or IM us immediately.

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