This just in: Lily Pad shows on hiatus

Looks like the Lily Pad in Inman Square is facing the same problems that plagued its former inhabitant, the Zeitgeist Gallery. Fresh and mostly unedited press release straight from the inbox:
The lily pad - boston's beloved forum for original, creative music - has been forced to cancel all shows until further notice.  due to noise complaints, the cambridge licensing board is obligated to follow the letter of the law in serving the lily pad with a 'cease and desist' order.

a hearing will be scheduled and the venue is currently rallying support from the community.  the licensing committee could not be reached, as it is already closed for the weekend.  we expect to have more details on monday.

since its opening in march, when it replaced the zeitgeist gallery, the lily pad has begun to flourish as a venue honoring creativity and quality by showcasing the best new original music from boston and beyond.  performers have included the best of the new york avant-garde, such as the claudia quintet, as well as members of boston strongholds like reverend glasseye, humanwine, and the dresden dolls.  but equally valuable are the performers who may have no other forum in the boston area.

if you could please forward this or point me in the right direction to anyone who might be able to help, whether by providing media attention or bribing the licensing officer (that's a joke), it would be greatly appreciated.  

Cambridge License Commission, 831 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139-3068, Phone: 617-349-6140.

That means that tonight and tomorrow, here's what is canceled:

Friday, August 11, at 7 pm, Banana Hands, Tiny Whales, Marah Mar and 10 pm "Death Metal Friday" with Pillory, Intestinal Strangulation, Porphyria, Proteus.

Saturday, August 12 at
7:30 pm, "Indie Film/Music Night to Support the Brattle Theatre" with Riding Shotgun.

And then there's an e-mailed PS:
i should also mention that if the community shows its support, we can help overturn the order.

here's what people can do to help:

1. write a letter of support for the lily pad, stating that the venue is a vital asset that is necessary to the community, and that it does no harm.  letters can be sent by mail to the following address:

Richard V. Scali, Chairman
Cambridge License Commission
831 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139-3068

or via email:

2. make a secure donation to help offset legal fees, either in person or by mail (internet donation opportunities coming soon):

the lily pad
PO Box 398096
cambridge, ma 02139
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