50 Cent, Ashlee, and Black Helicopter?

Which one of these things is doing its own thing?

1. Sunburned Hand of the Man, Black Helicopter, and Magik Markers signed to Universal Records? Well, sort of: 

Ecstatic Peace signs deal with Universal records ECSTATIC PEACE, the independent record label founded by Sonic Youth's THURSTON MOORE in 1981 has, as of February 2006, signed a distribution deal with UNIVERSAL RECORDS. The deal will allow ECSTATIC PEACE to manufacture and distribute music through Universal's FONTANA Distribution service as well as sign and develop artists in joint venture with UNIVERSAL RECORDS proper...

THURSTON MOORE started the label in 1981 releasing the live SONIC YOUTH document Sonic Death. Since then the label has released over 100 records, all artifacts of the progressive avant-garde underground of punk and modern music with artists as diverse as Fursaxa, No Neck Blues Band, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Stockhausen, Arthur Doyle, and Yoshimi.

In 2002 he connected with ECSTATIC PEACE business partner Andrew Kesin who subsequently developed and much of the media content contained therein. With a desire to release records beyond the limitations of mail order and micro-distribution, Thurston and Andrew, in concert with John Silva as advisory (SAM management: Beck, Foo Fighters, Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Beastie Boys, The Mars Volta), solicited Universal Records general manager Andrew Kronfeld. Through discussion and deliberation it was decided that ECSTATIC PEACE would enter into an exclusive agreement with UNIVERSAL RECORDS. Thurston and Andrew will remain closely connected to all label decisions as President and General Manager respectively, splitting time between offices in Easthampton, MA and NYC.

In addition to one exceptionally anticipated signing to be announced in upcoming days, Ecstatic Peace has a packed house of debut artists, with releases set to be spewed in June:

PAGODA (from Brooklyn) Debut CD from this group led by Michael Pitt, he of silver screen fame (Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Bully, Last Days, The Hawk is Dying)... BLACK HELICOPTER Boston's amazing rock legacy with their Invisible Jet CD.... TAM The debut of Montreal's enfant-incredible singer/songwriter femme.... MONOTRACT Tear down rip-it-up noise rock CD of Bushwick 4tet.... TALL FIRS Debut CD by young man Brooklyn duo of poetic newness.... AWESOME COLOR Debut CD from Brooklyn via Ann Arbor no-wave power blues-rock trio.... THURSTON MOORE and PRURIENT Sick CD collaboration extreme noise recording with Sonic axeman and lethal noise prince... In the studio are Boston's infamous SUNBURNED HAND OF THE MAN, New England avant-hardcore legends MAGIK MARKERS, new weird prophet Matt Valentine's MV/EE + THE BUMMER ROAD, Sonic Youth six-string poet LEE RANALDO and the 2nd solo release of label honcho THURSTON MOORE.

ECSTATIC PEACE will continue to release limited edition records, CDS, DVDs, books etc available only from it's website by the likes of SKUNK, SIXTEEN BITCH PILE-UP, THE BARK-HAZE (Thurston Moore and Gown), TONY CONRAD & TONY OURSLER, THE NEW BLOCKADERS (w/ Jim O'Rourke & Thurston Moore), poetry collection of RICHARD EDSON, and much more. "This is where worlds meet: NEW rock, NEW avant-garde, NEW pop, NEW experimental, NEW noise, NEW love. Start yr engines." -Thurston Moore, March 2006

Things to point out: Leo Ranaldo is officially a poet; there's a "highly anticipated signing to be announced" at Ecstatic Peace; and all forthcoming releases will be "spewed."

RELATED: Sunburned Hand of the Man are looking for a local intern, a Charlestown roommate, and your live footage. Become one or two and you may even get to meet 50 Cent.

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