LO500 Featured Battle: Mortal Kombat vs. God of War

Well, the same week that the Supreme Court heard a case about free speech in video games, we coincidentally selected a battle between two of the most violent, brutal, bloody action games of all time. Mortal Kombat was released amid a great deal of controversy over its portayal of beheadings and organ removals. Surprisingly, telling kids not to play a video game because it was too violent was not a successful strategy to keep them away, and the game became a huge hit with more than a few sequels (and a couple of movies). God of War, meanwhile, was not the flashpoint of discussion that MK was - by 2005, the gruesome kills Kratos is responsible for were old hat for gamers - but it nonetheless went on to be one of the biggest hits - and best games - on the PS2. This is an easy call for me: God of War in a walk (for the record, I preferred Street Fighter II back in the early 90s and therefore never really loved the first Mortal Kombat), but I suspect some of you may disagree?

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