Apple's iPad & the Marvel Comic Reader

No, I don't have an Apple iPad -- so watching CNET's Natali Del Conte dextrously unwrap that device felt strangely voyeuristic. Not that fresh tech is pornographically exciting or anything, but it does kind of give you a thrill seeing it, doesn't it? Just me? OK, then.

I don't even want an iPad, or ... at least, I didn't. Ever since the product was announced, I mocked it -- not for the name, but mainly because I couldn't think of a single thing I'd use it for. If you have an iPhone and a laptop, what's the point of it? It doesn't even have Flash.

Well, that link above about Flash just gave me my reason, didn't it? What with Boston Comic Con coming up the weekend after this one, I've got comics on the brain, and so does the iPad. Marvel's released their iPad comic app, and not only do I prefer Marvel to DC, I also happen to be pretty interested in the new steampunk Iron Man which will doubtless be available on the 'pad. Plus, there's the prospect of a new Deadpool series involving the titular hero and his alt-universe cohorts Head-pool (zombie head Deadpool), Lady Deadpool, Widdle Wade (midget Deadpool), and Dog-pool, all put together into a ludicrous team. I could read comics on the go, from a device much lighter than my hardcover Marvel compilations (and much lighter than my laptop!), all without killing a single tree? Tempting. Very tempting.

I'm not about to dash off an order right this second. But once the price drops and my favorite comics, magazines, and books become available, Apple's offer could become one that I can't refuse.

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