Live Chat: LOST, s06e10 "The Package"

... And we're now officially more than halfway through the final season of Lost. That went by quick, no?

After last week's Alpert Explained episode, a few of us Phoenix Lost-watchers were talking. Specifically, we were talking quite about how it seemed like there was basically nothing to talk about after each of these episodes. Now that so many of the show's mysteries have been spelled out for us, a certain element of the fun of Lost feels absent. It's simultaneously satisfying to hear all these answers, yet at the same time, it's weirdly hollow. "Is that all there is?"

But then again, there's also a sizable portion of the show's audience who never really cared much about the show's mythology, and for them, frothy, goofy episodes like last week's are precisely why they tune in: monsters, pirates, ghosts, and some solid work from Nestor Carbonell. And there are still quite a few people out there theorizing about every little detail of every interaction between Jacob and the Man in Black. For instance: Doc Jensen's recap of last week's episode went on for twelve pages. And the AV Club introduced "The Genie Theory", which . . . let's just say we hope that one doesn't turn out to be true.

Moving on. Sun and Jin this week. Chat below.

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