Perfect Woman winner!

The people have spoken, and Delia W. Oman, whose Perfect Woman Project I wrote about a couple weeks ago, has her work cut out for her.

"The winner...has been contacted and agreed to participate," Delia tells me in an email. "This week, I began the process of deconstructing what he's requested. On Friday, I will begin to construct my new identity. From then until May 18, I will BE the new Delia, day in and day out until the project ends."

She's writing about the process on the Perfect Woman blog, where she's also accepting tips and suggestions on how to make the transformation. Here's an excerpt:

Things I definitely plan to change:
1.  workout daily - I plan to do running, weightlifting and yoga
2.  lose 4 lbs.
3.  get my hair done like Jennifer Aniston
4.  get my gap fixed (probably something temporary)
5.  wear light makeup
6.  work on a tan
7.  buy some new bras that show my breasts off more (maybe pushup bras)
8.  work on not being bossy (try to be aware when I am and change my behavior)
9.  before I assert myself question my beliefs (so I don’t err on the side of thinking I’m right all the time)
10.  send out my birthday gifts and cards on time!  get things fixed around the house  (there are two lights out in the kitchen right now…)
11.  try some video games and find a couple I really like
12.  go to the movies more often
13.  be more hard lined about illegal activities (however, I want to make sure this doesn’t conflict with “nonjudgmental”)
14.  stop having drinks with friends (can still go out but just stick to water? or should I stop going anywhere where they serve alcohol?)
15.  write to Alan and get to know him so I can try to love him (don’t know how much control I have over this one)

Things I may change:
1.  join a sport
2.  get collagen for my lips (it’s temporary, 3 months, but I’m not sure it will help me have a “nice face”)
3.  stop calling and writing my dear friend so I’m not a cyberspace cheater (the only problem is that this is a little in conflict with “stands up for and defends the ones she cares about” and “responsible”… maybe I can do it in a responsible way)

Things I’m reluctant to change, but willing to consider:
1.  get botox (really this just grosses me out)
2.  get a nose job (the women he mentioned all have distinctive noses, so I think mine is fine)
3.  try a cigar (I think this was just an option not a suggestion)

This is just my simple lists.  I’ll make my decisions by Monday (with help from all of you!) 

What it Means to be Perfect Woman:  I’ve got to build a whole person out if his description.  This brings up a lot of questions.  What does Delia do for a living?  What’s her house like?  Who does she hang out with?  How does she dress?  What kind of car does she drive?  What does she like to eat?  How did she grow up?  Where did she grow up?  What does she do for fun?  Who are her friends?  Where does she hang out?  Is she a morning or night person?  Where did she go to school?  What did she study?  Does she like dogs or cats?  There are many things that make up a person.  I’m have to do a bit of imagining, constructing and conjecture.  Feel free to give me suggestions or advice.

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