Crossword: ''Into the Great Wide Open''

By MATT JONES  |  December 6, 2012


1What Burger King tried to serve on a sundae in 2012
6Sheep's sound
9L times VI
12Stopping point in a Carlo Levi novel
13Fails to live up to
15Arty district
16Character voiced by Danny DeVito, with "The"
17"See above," in footnotes
19Gp. for doctors
20"You pick the place"
21Cocktails with a recipe on the Kahlua label
28Break room thefts that suck (especially when you put your name on them)
30B, L or T, e.g.
31Quicktime file extension
32Genetic message "venue"
33OTC sleep-aid introduced in 2012
34H.S. diploma alternative
35Three-letter Best Picture nominee
36"Later, skaters"
38Bait shop stock
39"Buffalo Stance" singer Cherry
40Mountain chain in Utah
41"Count us in!"
43Quid pro quo deal
47Botanist Gray
50They're not usually syndicated
55Sighting subject
56Costanza mantra
58Political theorist Hannah
59Reggae musician ___-Mouse
60Train depot, for short
61Foot, in kid-speak
62Rail option, to Rodrigo
1Strings virtuoso Fleck
2Mushroom cloud maker
3Possibly-venomous creature
4Suffix after pay
6Roy G. ___
7"___ was saying..."
8Its symbol contains itself at the end
9World capital that after which the chemical element hafnium is named
10Sports Illustrated's "Sportswoman of the Year," 1976
11It gets hung indoors
14Medical device used to alleviate pain
15Itch-inducing shrub
18Surname in fashion
221991 e-commerce company acquired by Oracle in 2011
23Former New Jersey Senator
24Type of band with a clarinetist
25From the 20-yard-line to the goal line
26Hidden attribute
27English dogs with a keen sense of smell
29Record half
30The 411
32___ Nabisco (one-time tobacco merger)
37Hurry, old school
41Program from FDR
42Bad blood
43Seedy places
44"Hawaii Five-O" nemesis
47Jules or Ed
49Dam on the Nile
51Exam for a future atty.
52It's nada
53Cookie introduced in 1912
54"Dark am ___ lovely" (passage from the Song of Solomon)

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