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The Phoenix's Greatest Hits of 2011

Self-Aggrandizement Dept.
By PHOENIX STAFF  |  December 21, 2011

We have to admit it: we're a little bit awesome. It's true. We have our moments, at least, and you, our readers, seem to agree. Here are a few of the stories you liked the best and clicked on the most.

1. "HOW THE DECEMBERISTS RUINED INDIE ROCK" | JANUARY 26 | It was about time someone held these hipsters responsible for what they've wrought. Luke O'Neil skewered them: "the perfect soundtrack to shopping for organic produce at the co-op."

2. "THE SECRET LIFE OF A CHARLESTOWN DRUG DEALER" | FEBRUARY 5 | For years, Johnny Hickey had been telling our Chris Faraone that he had a huge story to spill. His tale of dealing drugs, going undercover for the feds, and making a movie about it was worth the wait.

3. "GAMING, RAPE CULTURE, AND HOW I STOPPED READING PENNY ARCADE" | MARCH 7 | Our video-game critic Maddy Myers took apart the complex case of the cartoonists who invented, and then fulfilled, the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory.

4. "GOD HATES FAQS" | MAY 19 | We were Rapture-ready in May, with this piece by political writer David Bernstein that told you everything you needed to know about this particular strain of religious batshittery.

5. "LOOK AT THIS FUCKING HIPSTER WEDDING" | MAY 25 | Eugenia Williamson held her breath and dove into a strange world of fake mustaches, matrimonial tweeness, and lots and lots of letterpress.

6. " 'THEY FINALLY GOT THE RAT': FORMER WHITEY BULGER SOLDIER JOHN 'RED' SHEA REACTS TO WHITEY'S CAPTURE" | JUNE 23 | When Boston's most notorious gangster was nabbed after years on the lam, Shea reminisced about his one-time father figure.

7. "DEAR GIRLFRIEND METAL: FUCK YOU AND THE FACEBOOK PAGE YOU RODE IN ON" | AUGUST 24 | For our epic Metal Issue, writer Kim Kelly unveiled "Girlfriend Metal" as the bullshit it is: he-man heshers threatened by rising estrogen levels in their favorite mosh pits.

8. "PHOTOS: OCCUPY BOSTON PLANS FINANCIAL DISTRICT TAKE-OVER" | OCTOBER 3 | Ariel Shearer was on the scene as OB held its first general assembly on the Common and voted to take Dewey Square, making Boston the first Occupied city after New York. And in the coming weeks, the Phoenix would serve up plenty more Occupy Boston coverage.

9. "VOICES CARRY" | OCTOBER 21 | If you hear voices, doctors say you're crazy — but a movement centered in Western Mass begs to differ. We joined one woman as she navigated through society's schizophrenic views of madness.

10. "THE RISE AND FALL OF THE COLUMBIA HOUSE RECORD CLUB — AND HOW WE LEARNED TO STEAL MUSIC" | NOVEMBER 18 | Before torrenting, before Napster, there was Columbia House — the marketing scheme that trained us to expect music for nothing (and our chicks for free).

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