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Tom Menino outraged over skate-culture t-shirts on Newbury Street at Nike store

What other vaguely offensive things should Mayor Menino ban next?

Dope smackdown
Boston Mayor Tom Menino doesn't like anyone sending bad messages to the impressionable children of his city — you may recall his outrage over the sale of STOP SNITCHING T-shirts a couple of years ago. Last week, he discovered another sordid example: T-shirts on display at Niketown on Newbury Street, with skate-culture lingo that could be interpreted as pro-drug use.  
By: DAVID BERNSTEIN  |  June 29, 2011

cuts to Massachusetts cultural  budget

Culture gets the axe

 House of Representatives propose cutting Massachusetts Cultural Council budget by 18 percent
At $7.5 million, funding for the main state-sponsored entity providing grants for everything from local cultural organizers to student arts programs would be more than 40 percent lower than just two years ago.
By: DAVID BERNSTEIN  |  April 22, 2011


First Debate for 2012?

Dead Presidents
While the national political media was distracted this week by a non-newsworthy semi-declaration of intent from Newt Gingrich, I was chasing down a more significant development: a rapidly escalating feud between two actual declared candidates for US president.
By: DAVID BERNSTEIN  |  November 03, 2011

Death of the Amendment

  Anti-Gay-Marriage bill defeated in Massachusetts
  Anti-Gay-Marriage bill defeated in Massachusetts
By: DAVID BERNSTEIN  |  June 14, 2007

Wet Virgin

A neighborhood quarrel lands a CD superstore in court
Virgin Megastore, on Newbury Street and Mass Ave, is getting upscale upstairs neighbors — eventually.  
By: DAVID BERNSTEIN  |  October 27, 2008
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