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Not sure how useful the deep-dig is in this poll, but here it it anyway.

--Top number: Elizabeth Warren 43, Scott Brown 38, with a somewhat unlikely 18% undecided.

--Their favorable/unfavorable ratings are almost identically strong: 53/33 for Brown, 53/36 for Warren. And a very impressive 58% approve of the job Brown is doing as Senator, with 33% disapproving. Among those undecided 18%ers in the Senate race, Brown has a slightly higher fav/unfav split than Warren.

--The undecideds, as other polls have shown (and as I wrote about recently) really like Scotto but plan to vote for Obama. Among the undecideds in the Brown/Warren race, Brown's job approval is a stunning +50: 70/20. But that same group plans to vote 67-7 for Obama over Romney (yes, 67-7; not missing a digit for Romney there). Obama's favorability with this group is 75/15; Romney's is 18/71.

--Overall, the poll has Obama humiliating Romney 57%-30% in Massachusetts.

--The issue of Warren's claims to Native American heritage have enormous penetration with the voters, but 71% say it has no impact on their vote. However, the undecided voters are far, far less likely to be familiar with the story (a number presumably shrinking fast thanks to Brown's latest ads).

--Only 25% of undecideds say they watched the first debate. (And my guess is most of them are fibbing.)

--Both contested ballot questions -- Q2 on physician-prescribed suicide and Q3 on medical marijuana -- are leading by very large margins.

--Less than two years after the gubernatorial election, half of voters say they don't know enough about Charlie Baker to have an opinion. His fav/unfav is 22/14, with 15% neutral. Martha Coakley maintains a boffo 54/26 fav/unfav rating. Steve Grossman is a respectable 22/7. Tim Murray is upside-down at 25/28.

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