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The Great Menino Gay Chicken Wars

I've been having a hard time caring enough about this to comment, but my crankiness level seems particularly high this morning, so here you go:

--You know what? You gonna say that thousands of his city's law-abiding, productive, tax-paying, child-raising residents are an affront to God and Baby Jesus because they are in wedded love with somebody that has the same dirty-sex-parts? Goddamn right the mayor should tell you he doesn't want your stinkin' chicken.

--Of course bigots should be allowed to open their restaurants in the city, as long as they're willing to take gay people's money in exchange for waffle fries. It would be an indefensible overreach for the mayor to use his personal opinions to decide who gets permits and licenses to do business in the city.

--For those who apparently just fell off the back of the chowder truck, Tom "My Way Or The Expressway To Build Your Store In Somerville" Menino has overreached indefensibly to decide who gets permits and licenses to do business in the city every day for the last 19 years. You're charged up over the one that might deny you the opportunity to eat a particular brand of pressure-cooked chicken sandwich? Tell you what: I hereby demand that Menino allow Chik-fil-A to open a restaurant inside Don Chiofaro's Greenway tower, in the parallel universe you people occupy.

--To all the people proudly posting pictures of yourself eating at Chik-fil-A, or posting about your plans to go eat at Chik-fil-A, a word: Any time you find yourself stuffing your gullet as an expression of solidarity with someone's condemnation of a portion of the population to hell, you might want to take a moment to re-examine your pathetic, warped, small-minded life.

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