The Palins Are Coming! The Palins Are Coming!

One if by land, two if by sea, and Tweet if by I-84 to the Mass. Pike. Yes, amid horrible storms Sarah Palin and her "One Nation" family bus tour have entered the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Nico Hines, a New York Times reporter sent to follow this leg of Palinpalooza, last Tweeted that he and the bus were on I-90 passing through Worcester. (Yes, I know, the Turnpike doesn't actually go through Worcester, but what do you want from the liberal lamestream media?)

Hines himself is uncertain where the bus is heading, but he believes it's Boston. There have also been rumors that Concord is tonight's destination. Who knows. We can say that this tour of historic American locations made no stops between New York City and Central Massachusetts -- so take that, Connecticut!

Interestingly, there seems to be less Palin-chasing press on this side of NYC than during the past few days' DC-Penn.-NY legs. I'm sure she'll get some local media assigned to her while she's in the Bay State, but I'd guess most of the top political reporters will be up in New Hampshire for Mitt Romney's big campaign launch (which is where I intend to be). Plus there will be the storm aftermath coverage, and frankly I don't know that too many of the area media outlets care all that much about playing the "where's Sarah going" game.

So I have a feeling that the Palins might not be quite as beseiged as they claimed to be during previous stops. But we'll see.

In any event, in this week's issue of the Boston Phoenix -- in print tomorrow, online now -- I ponder whether this Palin adventure might be just what Mitt Romney needs; and, perhaps, the worst thing for President Barack Obama. Please read it here.

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