Q&A #7: Mos Def-initely Not

"Josh D." asks:

How could you leave Mos Def off your top ten list?!?!

For those who aren't into the social networking thing (and if you are, please follow me on, a few days ago, prompted by a mention of Yo Yo performing at the White House state dinner (it was actually Yo Yo Ma, unfortunately) I posted my Top 10 list of best all-time female rappers: #1 Lyte, #2 Missy, #3 Yo Yo, #4 Queen, #5 Lauryn, #6 Kim, #7 Eve, #8 Brat, #9 Grae, #10 Foxy.

And to think, some people say social networking is all frivolous nonsense!

Naturally, this led to requests for my Top 10 best all-time male rappers: 1) Chuck D; 2) Cube; 3) Tupac; 4) Eminem; 5) Rakim; 6) KRS-1; 7) DMX 8) Nas 9) Jay-Z; 10) Busta.

I got some grief for both of these lists, but I stand by them. Mos Def is great, but not in my Top 10.

Feel free to offer your own lists in the comments!

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