Q&A #4: In Which I Am Not Much Help

"Johnny" hits me with three questions that I'm not going to be very helpful with:

Which people at the Probation Department will be indicted? Any legal basis to the argument that the city council had no authority to expel Turner prior to sentencing? Who's the sitting city councilor with the worst reputation as a lech?

On probation, I certainly get the impression that people I speak with expect indictments (possibly state, more likely federal), probably for at least two or three of the key people, including former honcho O'Brien -- but I have no idea if those expectations are correct.

On Chuck Turner, it seems like there is at least a reasonable legal argument to be made, about depriving the voters of representation -- but it also seems like that argument loses a lot of steam if, as it appears, Turner's sentencing and incarceration proceed apace, and the voters would be effectively deprived of his representation before the end of his term anyway.

As for the lech, my dictionary defines that as "a strong, esp. sexual craving or desire," and I really don't want to ponder how that might apply to the 13 Boston City Councilors.

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