Glenn Reynolds Says Voter Fraud!

Conservative blogger Glenn Reynolds was apparently a tad miffed about my recent post mentioning him. I mused that Reynolds's decision to vote for Barr might be a "leading indicator of a decision that a fair number of folks, especially in the South (Barr is Georgian), may be considering as they start to see McCain's defeat as inevitable."

Reynolds reminds his readers that, as he indeed wrote the first time, his Barr decision is NOT based on McCain's inevitable defeat. I might hypothesize that the timing of his decision suggests otherwise, but that's unimportant: I did not intend to argue that it was. I was suggesting that there might be a lot of conservatives who personally like Barr more than McCain, and who might now, as they sense the futility of the GOP candidate's quest, be considering voting that way.

My apologies for leaving the wording open to a different inference.

It was not a deliberate misrepresentation on my part -- unlike, say, the way Reynolds sometimes deliberately misrepresents the news he comments on.

Here's Reynolds today, for example, calling attention to "VOTER FRAUD IN PENNSYLVANIA!"

The case in question is not, of course, voter fraud. It is voter registration fraud, with absolutely no possibility of turning into voter fraud, because the phony registrations were for people already registered. In addition, as the news article to which Reynolds links reports, it was the local ACORN staff who caught the fraud, alerted election officials, and helped secure the man's arrest.


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