Domke On Romney, And Other Thoughts

 --Todd Domke writes what I've been saying recently, but with more clarity and wit: Romney is at best a highly problematic VP choice. In particular, I agree that only out-of-touch pundits think that Romney helps McCain with the economy. (For what it's worth, pretty much the only people who voted solidly for Romney in the primaries were not those who cited the economy as the number-one issue, but those who cited illegal immigration.)

 --With the benefit of hindsight, here are three things that, we learned this week, are not such good ideas: Goading your charismatic Presidential opponent into visiting Iraq during the campaign; participating in physical competitions while collecting public disability; and driving away with the pedestrian you just hit splayed across your windshield.

--That's right, the Bay Area Reporter did a story about interesting gay delegates to the upcoming Democratic National Convention and had to come looking in Massachusetts, where they found our very own Stephen Driscoll.

--When the existence of UFOs (and a UFO cover-up conspiracy) is vouched for by an actual US astronaut who walked on the moon, it's pretty compelling.... until you remember that those moon landings were all faked.


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