Isn't It The Economy, Stupid?

Campaign for America's Future has released results of a "straw poll" it conducted (with Democracy Corps) at the recent Netroots Nation convention in Austin. The press release declares that "Economic and Energy Issues, Ending War In Iraq Top Netroots' Concerns."

Well, not exactly. Actually, the poll bizzarely failed to even include the economy as one of the 14 options for the respondents.

It did include as an option: "The growing gap between the rich and the poor," which was the second-most popular choice for "your top concern" (but just fourth for the concern "you feel should be the top priority for the next administration.")

Economic disparities are an economic issue, yes, but it's not at all the same as the economy per se -- economic growth, unemployment, inflation, etc. -- which is what most polls show is the number-one concern among Americans today.

Omitting the economy from the list of options on the survey is a major boo-boo. These things happen; the proper response is to quietly chuck the whole thing in the trash and move on -- not release it with a headline that tries to cover up the boo-boo.

I also got a kick out of the question regarding Obama's VP options. Here are your choices:

--Obama should pick someone politically similar to himself, reinforcing the dynamic nature of his candidacy and the urgent need for change, and keeping true to his liberal roots.

--Obama should pick someone more toward the political center in order to help balance the ticket and make him more electable.

Three-quarters of Netroots Nation respondents (the vast majority of whom are self-described liberals or progressives) chose option A: someone totally awesome!, and only 25% chose option B: someone lame enough to appeal to common people!



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