BEST 2013: Best Places to Get Drunk and Belt out Journey on a Mic

Karaoke at Courtside

We've all had that conversation. "What do you want to do?" "I don't know, what do you want to do?" and so forth. Eventually, the group agrees that all of the usual haunts have grown tiresome and someone boldly suggests karaoke. Whether you're that guy who thinks they can sing because they got a lead in a middle school production of The Music Man, or you're just looking to get drunk enough to belt out some old school jams at a karaoke spot that doesn't completely suck ass, we promise you'll actually have fun at any of these nominees for Best Karaoke Spot



Thursday night's set aside for karaoke at this Central Square Irish bar, and it's set apart by one simple component: a live band. These guys are good musicians who are fun to listen to regardless of who's singing along and, unlike a karaoke machine, they can follow you if (when) you screw up. The list of songs in their repertoire is impressive, which makes this a fun karaoke night for both ‘oke aficionados and novices.


Located all the way at the end of the green line (down the street from the Lechemere stop), this Inman joint isn't the most convenient spot to get to on this list. So the fact that so many people trek out there on a regular basis means it's really good karaoke. The divey, VFW Hall-like bar has fostered some honest-to-goodness talent, but the host always makes room for newcomers as well. With good songs, cheap bar food and pitchers, and the game always on, Courtside is a haven for the karaoke purist and casual drunk singer alike.


If insurmountable stage fright has thus far kept you out of the limelight, look no further than Do Re Mi. Their private studios eliminate most people's biggest deterrent to karaoke - the audience. Rates are based on how many people you're rolling with and how long you plan to stay, so you can stack the audience with your own friends instead of a bar full of strangers and get singing. Of course, you trade that luxury off for a BYO-food and no booze policy.


Highland Kitchen's hip-but-casual atmosphere and awesome food provide good enough incentive to go there any night of the week, but if you're looking for some un-intimidating karaoke, hit them up on a Wednesday. The drinks are reasonably priced and served up by amicable bar tenders, and after a few of them, you'll be ready to jump up and participate in the bar's fun and friendly karaoke night.


The Jeanie Johnston has boldly gone where none of the area bars have gone before - they host their karaoke on a weekend night, so people can get hammered enough to lose those pesky inhibitions without worrying about waking up for work the next morning. Even more generously, they do this for a mere $2 cover (it's free before 10 pm!).  If you're looking for a Saturday night of energetic amateur performances in a homey Irish pub, this is the joint for you.


Pretty much exactly what it sounds like! Queeraoke takes over the ultra-divey JP joint every Thursday, rolling a ladies' night, a gay dance club, and a hipster paradise all into one fantastic night. The songs range from ‘80s classics to current alternative. Those working Queeraoke are always serving up good beer and a healthy side of good-natured sass, ever the makings of a successful night out on the town and on the mic.

Get singing, and then get voting. And don't forget that if you don't see your fave karaoke spot (or night) repped here, you can write it in!

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