Highlights from the Longy comments thread

In case you missed this in the comments on the original post, members of Longy's prep community are planning a rally on public property outside the school at 10 am, tomorrow (Saturday 3/09) to protest the program's unexpected cancellation. Organizer Karen Weintraub says: " One way we can show our annoyance - and hopefully change the board's decision - is to make a very public statement about it."

Meanwhile, I would be grateful if any readers can provide me with documents substantiating the following comments:

"Concerned Musician:" On March 17, 2009, Karen Zorn wrote to the staff and faculty, "Last semester our Concert Office and Operations Departments conducted a room use survey to help us understand how we use our space. After analyzing our data we discovered some interesting findings, the most important being: Longy does [in italics], in fact, have enough space. Currently, our buildings are only being used 66% of the time. Another way of saying this is: Longy is unoccupied 34% of the time."

"Anonymous:" No worries, everyone - with the improvements in Pickman hall, they were able to show the board members a great screening of "The Matrix" in one of their meetings (not kidding).

Especially the Matrix thing, folks. I need to know if that actually happened. 

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