EXCLUSIVE Q&A: The Scumbag Steve Guide To Voting


*This particular message not endorsed by Blake Boston (a/k/a Scumbag Steve)

Blake Boston might be the most adored degenerate on earth. But even without hyperbole, he's one of the Bay State's biggest exports. Ever since a photo of Boston (that's his real name) posing in his kitchen doorway was sucked into the viral whirlwind two years ago, and universally branded by internet users as Scumbag Steve, the Massachusetts native's fur-lined G-Unit parka and signature patterned fitted hat – the latter famously cocked back and to the side – have transcended the underground world of web memes and effectively highjacked the pop culture agenda.

The beauty of the Scumbag Steve meme is its versatility; the fitted hat connotes scumbaggery, thus anyone who sports it – regardless of how poorly the photo is edited – is to be considered a selfish vagrant within the framework of the joke. Considering that potential utility, it's natural that Scumbag Steve emerged as one of the most prominent memes of this particularly crude election season. From foreign dictators to Mitt Romney to Barack Obama and you name it, Boston's iconic headpiece has been cocked back and relentlessly doctored throughout the past year and a half of partisan warfare.

Ever since we profiled Boston and his gang of fellow memes a few months ago, we noticed that he's been extremely vocal about politics on Twitter. Even more interesting has been that despite the risk that progressive affiliations pose to one's scumbag status, Boston is more or less a stone cold liberal, Massachusetts-style. At that, we thought to ask the former Medfield High School lacrosse goalie about some state and national races, as well as about his feelings on Romney wearing his hat. He also shared some of his favorite memes from the election (they appear throughout this post).

Don't read too deeply into this – Boston's opinions are no more or less important than those of any self-important media pundit, myself included. He does, however, represent several voting blocs that I haven't heard anybody talk much at all about about over the past year – former G-Unit jacket owners, suburban rappers, honorable lowlives, and internet memes, to name a few. With that said, there is one thing that anybody reading this should consider: if Scumbag Steve is more political than you are, then you might want to give your level of civic engagement some serious thought.



I've noticed that you've grown awfully political in the last few months. Was it anything in particular that spurred your interest in politics?

I've always been political – I just get more vocal around election times. Maybe it's because I'm a father now, but this shit is real. In my opinion, Romney will get us into a war that will bring near disaster to the country. I also fear that Romney's religious views will override what's good for all of us, and that all the work Obama has done will be for naught – on women's rights, healthcare, the environment, jobs. (Writer's note – he really did use the word “naught”!!!)



Are you registered to vote?

Of course I am. When it comes to politics, let's just say I feel like it's my duty to stay informed. And when it comes to truth in politics, I tweet, argue, and yell like it's my job when I smell bullshit.


How long have you been registered to vote?

As soon as I turned 18, I went and registered. I'll be 23 in February.



Who have you voted for in the past?

I voted for Obama and Democrats across the board.



Are you registered as a member any particular party?

I'm registered as independent.



What are your general thoughts on this election season?

This presidential race has sickened me in some ways. I know what it's like to be maligned, what it's like to take something out of context and turn it into a falsehood that's perceived as truth on the internet. I guess that is why Mitt Romney has bugged the shit out of me with his run for presidency. Romney has twisted and turned and squirreled facts to suit which audience he's currently slinging bull to. Honestly, you'd think by the way he talks about how he governed Massachusetts he'd be winning in this state. He's not and for good reasons.


Who do you support in the Massachusetts senate race? Who do you think is going to win?

Warren's the right choice, but damn she needs to change up her hairdo. I think it's too close to call.



Any thoughts on Massachusetts Question 2, which would allow terminal patients to humanely off themselves?

I'm really conflicted on this one. My doctor uncle keeps saying it's not the way to go, but something in me feels that it's our right as humans to end our life with dignity.



Do I even have to ask how you feel about Question 3?

I'm not for it – psych. Of course I'm for it, it's medicinal, but hopefully we can eventually take it a step further and [legalize] the ganja. It's time; the amount of arrests before the decriminalizing was ridiculous. The jails are overloaded as they are, and it's become a way to make money from police to lawyers to jails to bailiffs. All because of a natural weed? Oh, and for the record, I actually don't smoke. For real.



How do you respond to rumors that Scumbag Steve is in the Tea Party, and what should people do if Tea Partiers try intimidating them at the polls?

Throw em in the drink. They should just yell at the top of their lungs, "Help me help me I'm being accosted by some old rotten stuck-together bags!" I don't know, but seriously, I'm not down at all with the Tea Partiers. Stop them!



Who do you support for president this year and why? Who do you think is going to win?

Barack Obama – he knows where the country has to go. He's worked to rectify the situation of two wars not paid for and a tax cut that killed the budget. He will hold billionaires' fucking toes to the fire. He will work for a better world for not just us but his kids and that means something. I just don't like how Romney is motivated by money and religion. Just do yourself a favor.



What are some of your views across the issues?

In my least scumbag way, president Barack Obama is the right choice. Yeah he's got work to do, he knows it, but he just doesn't seem like a liar. And that to me speaks to his integrity. And that to me will keep us out of wars, will keep us covered by insurers, even with pre-existing conditions, will keep women able to decide what's best for their bodies, will keep Planned Parenthood, will keep keep things equal.


What will a second Obama term look like?

Unfortunately, the right-wing Republicans and Tea Partiers will not compromise. They don't put the country ahead of their own narrow outlook. The only change will be if there is some meeting of the minds – that will give Obama a chance to do what what he believes; he needs Republicans to put aside their small-minded disgust of him and focus on what will benefit of the whole country. If that can be done, we will be on our way to a better nation.


What will a Romney presidency look like?

J. Edgar Hoover. 1938. The crash. The depression. Blind. Bleak, full of lies and religion. Oh, and lots and lots of baptisms.



Finally – there have been A LOT of presidential memes based on Scumbag Steve over the past year. Any thoughts on that, and do you have a favorite?

It's a funny thing when you're an internet meme known for some unsavory characteristics. People confuse the shit out of whether I'm actually a scumbag in real life. Truth is I'm a pretty nice guy with at times a few scumbag tendencies, but I really don't think I'm alone in that description. As for the memes – Scumbag Mitt Romney [is my favorite], but truthfully, seeing him in my hat and in my doorway freaked me out a little. Not a good look.



Any other thoughts?

Think about that elderly aunt – you know, the one that lost her husband and is in poor health, that worked for years at Macy's and didn't have any kids. Think about [Romney's 47 percent speech], and what he believes her life is worth. Then you go and tell me who the real scumbag is.

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