Men of Letters: Mayor Menino on Hate Chicken, James Carnell on "Consorts" and Cat Lovers


Earlier today, the Phoenix posted a letter on our website from James Carnell, the racially insensitive editor of the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association (BPPA) newsletter, the Pax Centurion. As expected, Carnell has no apologies for anyone who he offended, nor does he respond to the numerous charges of corruption that this publication and others have leveled at his union.

First I'd like to apologize to everyone who waited in anticipation for a day before we published this latest screed. For what it's worth, I also had to wait a bit since Carnell spelled my name wrong when emailing it to me on July 16. Fortunately, he does know how to spell “,” so we were able to dig the note out of our electronic mail bin days later. (For the original version and all of its flaws, see the bottom of this post.)

I don't have much more to say to Carnell personally. I've already put his racist rhetoric on blast, and helped expose him as a total fraud who claims that editing the Pax is a “thankless task,” yet collects more than $6000 a year to vomit editorials. I'm used to engaging opponents who can spin tighter arguments than “I'm rubber you're glue.” I've had more enlightening exchanges with Barney Frank's dining room table.

With all that said – if it's true, I do find it regretful that people are harassing Carnell's family. They've obviously suffered enough from having a bigoted moron like him as a father. The whole thing reminds me of those “I learned it by watching you” anti-drug commercials in the 1980s. Only instead of weed, the intoxicant here is idiocy, which, judging by Pax comments from his son, is in generous supply around the Carnell household.

Finally, I'd like to mention two stories that are getting way more attention than the BPPA scandal. The first is Red Sox outfielder Carl Crawford's recent run-in with a Leominster police officer, who allegedly fired a racial slur at the ballplayer during a minor league game in New Hampshire. Props to authorities for disciplining the cop, but shame on news outlets that gawk over this while ignoring any number of other stories that involve race.

The other happening of note is Mayor Tom Menino's war on Chick-fil-A's unfortunate position on same-sex relationships. Without picking sides, I'll just say that I'm taken aback by Hizzoner's extraordinary outrage; while he's scolding homophobic fast food restaurants, his police force is serving up some seriously unsavory savagery. Menino has flamed the Pax before, but not nearly as angrily as he grilled Chick-fil-A on paper. Perhaps this will get that pen moving . . .

To the Boston Phoenix:

Enemies of free speech?”

Take a look in the mirror…

By James W. Carnell, Editor, Pax Centurion

Recently, in your July 6th issue, the Phoenix made a front-page attack against my union’s newspaper, Pax Centurion (the publication of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association), accusing us of baseless, false and scurrilous charges of racism, sexism, and homophobia (“Sh*t Boston Cops Say”). Then, in your very next issue, (July 13th), the Phoenix runs a front-page article about “Enemies of Free Speech : our 15th annual “Muzzle Awards” highlight this year’s worst attacks on the first amendment”. Please award yourself with the number one “Muzzle Award”. You are the penultimate hypocrites.

Reporter Chris Faraone, along with his consorts in the “Occupy Boston” movement, have attempted to destroy a conservative publication authored by police officers by attacking our contributors and advertisers. These cyber-terrorists from what remains of the “Occupy” movement, have even attacked my family and attempted to hack into my bank account. Some advertisers have been intimidated into pulling their support by these on-line thugs and assorted losers without lives. These advertisers will soon have to decide who is more important to have as their allies: police officers with families who spend hundreds of dollars a week at their stores, or a few cyber-bullies out there who purchase an occasional can of cat food , tofu or brown rice with their EBT card. We will send our membership to those who support police officers in both word and deed, and encourage our members to avoid those who do not. ( Goodbye Stop&Shop, hello Hanniford’s , Shaw’s and Roche Brothers!)

There is, and was, of course, nothing -repeat NOTHING- “racist, sexist or homophobic” in the pages of the Pax Centurion, this issue or any other. There were strong conservative opinions, there was “cop-humor”, and there was pointed criticism of some of our political opponents, but there was nothing racist, sexist or homophobic. “Racist”, “sexist” and “homophobic” are the modern-day terms used by the radical left as a cudgel to cow anyone with a different opinion into submission. In Salem, Mass., 1692, people with grudges against their neighbors cried “witch”, and the whole town joined in the insanity. The same is true today of those who wave the fickle-finger of “racism”. Unfortunately, many cower in fear under their desks when left-wing activists use these terms, refusing to speak up and allowing the true “enemies of free speech” (the radical left, the Phoenix, the “Occupy” movement etc.) to win.

Our critics have included the usual mouthpieces from the victim-nation, “poor-me” advocate groups who need the crutch of racism to perpetuate themselves and others such as “ neighborhood organizer” Jamarhl Crawford. Ahmmm… Boston Phoenix, you might want to do a little fact-checking before you quote “community organizer” Jamarhl Crawford. He is, in fact, the leader of the local chapter of the New Black Panther Party. If you want to find examples of racism, sexism, homophobia, and anti-semitism, go check out their website. But then again, birds of a feather, flock together. (Oh, shit! Was that an anti-bird statement?)

Or better yet, Boston Phoenix, take a look in the mirror at your own publication: Ads for the sexual services of “Latina girls”, “Asian massages” and “Kristy Kreme: Black/Italian visiting”? And who are the “sexists/racists”, again? Give yourself your own “Muzzle award”, along with a trophy for high hypocrisy.

James W. Carnell

Editor, Pax Cenutrion

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