"Good Job, Good Effort" Kid Consoles Miami Heat on Game 5 Loss To Celtics, Wins the Internet #GJGE

It took all of about 30 seconds after the final seconds of Game 5 ticked off until we got the definitive meme of Celtics/Heat -- and maybe of the 2012 NBA Playoffs. As the Heat entered the tunnel to hit the showers, ESPN's cameras picked up the voice of a young child desperately trying to cheer up LeBron James and D Wade. "Whatever, WHATEVER!" he shouted. "Good job! Good effort!" 

If there's anything that could make the Heat feel worse about falling to the Celtics in their own building, with a Game 6 at the Garden and possible playoff elimination looming, it's a kid right out of a Coke commercial applauding your sorry excuse for a defensive effort. It's also the voice that rest of the NBA imagines is playing inside of LeBron James's head when he gets his ass handed to him in the playoffs. 

John Hollinger tweeted that he rewound the broadcast just to hear the kid again. And soon Twitter was joining in. By midnight, a half-dozen clips of the sequence were on YouTube, with commenters spontaneously suggesting new uses for the #GJGE meme. 

At 12:27 am, "Good Job, Good Effort" was uttered as a SportsCenter segue, and the meme was officially off and running. Feel free to follow along at home: 


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