WATCH: Vermin Supreme, the Vice documentary

How do you know when you're truly internet-famous? When you glitter-bomb a famous homophobe on C-SPAN? When the C-SPAN clip gets autotuned into a song? When your call for free ponies is embraced by the Bronies? Or when your music video, "I Am A Meme," goes viral on YouTube?

Not sure. But for perennial long-shot Presidential candidate, Occupy ally, and longtime friend of the Phoenix VERMIN SUPREME, we'll say this: a Vice Magazine mini-documentary won't hurt. 

In this four-minute clip, Vermin (his real name, having changed it legally in order to get on NH primary ballots) traces his meme-birth to his C-SPAN appearance. Although we'd beg to differ, and instead suggest that it began when the Phoenix's David S. Bernstein -- in full-on Don King mode -- incited, promoted, moderated, and live-streamed a presidential primary debate between Vermin Supreme and the dead English devil-worshipper Aleister Crowley on Halloween weekend

Still: we are incapable of getting enough Vermin Supreme in our lives. Neither can you. So check this out: 

Click to play. Opens in new window. Sorry. Blame Vice's shitty media player.

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