Thanksgiving Eve Throwdowns

Tonight is the biggest bar night of the entire year. Why? Well, we're not sure, actually. Maybe it's because it seems sorta wrong to be all hungover and pukey on Christmas Day (sorry, Jesus, our bad), Easter Eve doesn't have that party-time ring to it, and we don't get Arbor Day off (bastards!) Whatever the reason, from sea to shining sea tonight revelers of all ages (but mostly the young and know, the ones who don't have to wake up at the ass crack of dawn tomorrow to baste a very large bird. Thanks, mom!) will be gathering at drinking establishments in their respective cities with one united goal: to give thanks for all they've got by drinking until they make some bad decisions. In that spirit, we've rounded up some Pre T-Giving parties and shows going on around town tonight.

 1. Gobble Gobble Mutha F*cka!! Pre-Thanksgiving Bash at Good Life

With DJs 7L, Rick Rude, Paul Foley, and Inkognito more

2. Pre-Thanksgiving Celebration at All Asia

With Lee Wilson more

3. Cool Ranch Thanksgiving Eve at Middlesex

With the Bodega Girls more

4. SoulClap at Phoenix Landing

5. Thanksgiving Eve at Ralph's Rock Diner

With the Jerkus Circus more  

6. Thanksgiving GO EPIC hosted by Gay Mafia Boston at Rumor

With DJs Adilson, Boatslip, and MaryAlice more

7. 2011 Annual Thanksgiving House Music Extravaganza at Royale

With Chus & Ceballos and Johnny Vicious more

8. Bad Habit Thanksgiving Eve at Think Tank

With The Rizz and DJ Kevin C more

9. Thanksgiving Eve Bash at Gypsy Bar

With DJs Ruslan, Anthony Webster, and Hectik more

10. Howl at the Moon Thanksgiving Eve

11. Method Man, Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T. + more at the Middle East Downstairs

12. Dubbest, Wicked Hanging Chads +The Romano Project at the Middle East Upstairs

13. The Welch Boys,  Marc Lind & the Unloved + more at Great Scott

14. 4x4 Barracudas, Synthetic Mindset + All for Blood at Church

 And for a run-down of our top picks for this long Thanksgiving weekend, check out our Editors' Picks






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