Meet the Mayor: Grendel’s Den

Welcome to "Meet the Mayor," a segment in which we interview local Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats.

Grendel's Den
Abigail Taylor

Would your boyfriend who bartends here serve Beowulf?
If Beowulf showed up, Ned would be like, "Dude, take that metal armor off. It's not okay to wear that in the bar, and put down the sword. I don't know how you got through the door with that thing." Then he'd say, "Okay, what do you want?"

Your most interesting experience here?
I guess every night's an experience here, but sometimes you'll be sitting across the bar from some Harvard professor who's the most worldly person in the world.

Or is about to invent time travel!
Exactly. He may be figuring out a formula to make our dependence on gasoline go away. Who knows?

I'm told they once had a kickin' salad bar?
That was part of UpStairs on the Square, up there. They had the most amazing salad bar with crazy stuff like weird hummus, interesting types of tofu, and weird vegetables!

Your thoughts on weird vegetables?
I love all vegetables.

Even Nazi vegetables?
There's no such thing.

 . . . What if you put a Hitler mustache on a potato?
I don't know if that would work. There are no evil vegetables, although some four-year-old kids might disagree. Eat your vegetables!

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