Taylor Swift: Pines for Romeo, Dates Every Other Man in the While

No wonder Ms. Swift's cheeks are imbued with such a natural tint of red: from her own admissions on her next album, it seems Goldilocks has been sampling plenty of... porridge - and getting burned quite swiftly (aha!) with each... spoonful.

Her Joe Jonas heartbreak was well documented and her public(ity) relationship with teen-werewolf/name double Taylor Lautner even had a SNL  shout-out. But John Mayer? The whiny singer from Owl City? When did that happen??

And though the moral ambiguities of literary characters escapes her ("You Belong with Me" was such a misguided ode to Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester's love affair) apparently she nails subtext with "The Story of Us":

From a "legitimate" music source:

"One of the bigger revelations comes in the secret message that comes with "The Story of Us," a song about awkwardly avoiding an ex at an awards telecast. String together the capital letters and you get: C-M-T-A-W-A-R-D-S. Which says a lot in just nine letters."

Indeed it does, mainly that, much as Juliet presumed, being seen with a boy is almost the same as being temporarily married to him.

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