News of the strange: Gender confused chickens, old man sucker punches kids and more

Scientists discovery mystery behind half-female, half-male chicken
Yes, the news here is actually NOT that there are half-female/half-male chickens running around and it's fairly common (one in every 10,000 chickens), but that scientists figured out the reason behind the sexual duality is cellular, not hormonal. Previously, scientists assumed that a bird's sex was determined much like the way a human's sex is -- by hormones that tell the gonads to become testicles or ovaries.

Instead, researchers at the Roslin Institute and University of Edinburgh identified differences between male and female cells that control the development of sexual traits within these chickens. So one half of their body could literally be ALL female and the other half ALL male. Half of the chicken actually has different  plummage and even head-movements than the other side. The scientists have named the phenomenon, cell autonomous sex identity (CASI).

Florida woman crashes car while shaving bikini area
Listen, we've all made our way to the beach, looked down and thought "Oh shit!" but that's no excuse for trying to tend to the bush while driving. Just as strange as crashing her car while taming her mane was that Megan Mariah told cops she was on her way to visit her boyfriend, according to AOL News, but it was her her ex-husband who took the wheel while she had her pants down. And that's the story they're sticking to!
Read more at AOL News.


Georgian woman claims to be 130-years-old
Antisa Khvichava is making a bid for a world record as the oldest living person -- and she has proof. Her birth documents date back to July 8, 1880. The validity of those has yet to be determined, but safe to say she's been preserving herself with good vodka over the years which has created a good pickling effect.
Read more at the BBC

68-year-old grandpa accused of smacking kids at Walmart
A 68-year-old grandpa in Ohio is accused of hitting kids at a Franklin County Walmart. Ralph Conone told police, as reported by the Columbus Dispatch, that he would put his keys between his fingers and strike the children when their parents weren't looking because he got a thrill from getting away with it. He admits to being a kid-hitter since January, the paper reports.
Read more at the Columbus Dispatch.

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