Video: Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen save the planet!

Now showing on YouTube, the World Wildlife Fund's new thriller, "Everyone turn off your lights on March 27 to show how easy it is to save energy!" Two unlikely trailers for the WWF's "Earth Hour" campaign: testimonials by our boy TOM BRADY and his lady GISELE. Seeing as current and former New England Patriots were instrumental in helping elect SCOTT BROWN, we're glad to see at least a little bit of off-season liberalizin' on the part of the NFL's hunkiest QB. We hope the offensive line isn't offended by Tom's bomb-throwing defense of that radical notion that the earth's climate is being subjected to man-made change. 

Still, this video begs a few questions. Why separate houses/separate videos? Couldn't Gisele even pretend to be filming on the right coast, given who her man plays football for? What the hell is up with Tom Brady's new 'do? Is he thinking of running for the Senator from J. Crew? What's with the sudden cutaway to Gisele making the world go round? 


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