Today's Top Stories: Scott Brown Mall Wars, Avatar Blues, and Breaking Cape Wind

Today's Boston Metro syndicates a CNN story titled "Movie audiences are experiencing the 'Avatar' blues." Apparently, people can't stand returning to their strip-mall realities after experiencing James Cameron's corny 3-D adventure. While this story will get tons of play - from serious news programs to late night talk shows - I'm certain that it's complete bullshit. If this were the case, then all porn would cause depression, and we know that's not true. Anyone vaguely familiar with public relations will tell you that the "Avatar blues" were manufactured by the studio. The tail wags the dog.    

The Globe has some interesting coverage of last night's U.S. Senate debate, which I screamed at over a large bowl of Stop & Shop macaroni and cheese. First - the straight news coverage says that Coakley has gone "feisty," which appears to be the hot label (Scott Brown also used it to describe his opponent in a post-debate interview). Also - Joan Vennochi accidentally submitted her op-ed last night just moments before she passed out from a fit of rage. Oh - and in case you missed the debate - we're at war in our shopping malls, so you might want to avoid any upcoming Ayla Brown concerts.

The Herald is featuring a Cape Cod Times quickie about the latest - and hopefully final - spat over the Cape wind farm project. Yeah - it still hasn't been built yet. For those unfamiliar with recent developments in the plight of oppressed Hyannis land owners, their latest ploy has been to ride the burial rights of five Indian tribes. You read that correctly - the people who have been fighting tooth and manicured nail against Cape wind give a fuck about Native Americans. 

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