Go buy a book at Lorem Ipsum so they don't have to close

This shit just got real.

We were forwarded an e-mail this morning from the folks at Lorem Ipsum Books in Inman Square, Cambridge. In short, the e-mail says that Lorem Ipsum, one of the best book stores in the general Boston area, needs to move, and they need some money to do so, so they're holding a book drive. Their goal: to sell 5,000 books in the next 10 days.  Will that be difficult for them? Maybe. Impossible? We sure hope not. Here's the announcement, which can also be read at their blog:

Help Lorem Ipsum Out

For the past 6 years, our small independent bookstore in Inman Square, Cambridge has been a place for books, community, and innovation. We now face a difficult hurdle in a difficult industry in a difficult economy: the store must move—or close.

Luckily, we found a better space (more books! room for events!) but we need the funds to make it happen. Maybe you’ve sold books when you’ve had a cash crunch — well, that’s exactly what we’re looking to do now, only on a bit bigger scale:

Ten days. Five thousand books.

That’s right — selling five thousand books in our inventory (of 19,000) will raise the cash we need to fund the move, hire staff, and set up bigger and better than before in a new location a few blocks away. (Don’t worry, still in Inman Square area, and we’ll bring the Chicken Machine with us.)

Here’s how it works:

  • Buy certificates online via Google Checkout in handy $10 amounts.
  • Starting December 1, redeem each certificate for any book (priced at $20 or less — see what an awesome deal this is?) at the store or online.
  • Participate by visiting this page which will take you to Google to buy the certificate. We’ll email you the certificate soon after your order is processed.
  • We don’t have much time, so help us get the word out!

    Please spread the word—in order for this flash sale to work, we need as many people as possible to know about it. Once you purchase your certificate, please spread the word by telling your friends about us. UseTwitter, Facebook, semaphores, or any other form of gossip to get the word out. 

    Many thanks for your support, 
    Lorem Ipsum Books


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