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Montreal Comedy Festival: Rue Saint Denis

As part of the festival's Videotron  Gala series -- and let me just interrupt myself for a second. When you hear 'Videotron Gala series," doesn't that make you think of a bunch of a shows that are featuring video, capped with a "hip" name that marketing douches came up with? Maybe I'm the only asshole in Montreal, but I honestly thought that there would be video involved. But no; Videotron is an equivalent of Comcast, apparently; a corporate sponsor. I'm glad I never tried to talk about all of the cool video I was bound to see at Videotron, because the entire world loves fodder for their favorite game -- mock the fat American.

So anyway, as part of the series -- which is the line-up of all-star shows -- the area around the series venue, the Theatre Saint Denis, was turned into a giant, cartoonish carnival, replete with street performers, barkers, interactive booths, food, vendors, boozing, the whole shebang. And it's packed with people, all the time.

Check this out. Street performances outside Teatre St. Denis before the Britcom Gala:

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