Twetiquette: Are white people allowed to tweet the word "twigga"?

In case the answer is "no": We meant the giraffe, of course!

In luurrrrking around the BET Awards Twitter traffic, we realized that the word "twigga" has metastasized into general usage. Here's a graph of the term's usage over the past week -- note the spike. 


Of course, in the interest of fairness, "twigga" still pales in comparison to the use of that other word:

An unscientific parsing of usage suggets that not many white folks -- perhaps none, actually -- are braving usage of "Twigga." Will this be a boutique term like "Jigga," a term that the white people don't mind using in reference to Hova? Or will it be more like "Wigga," an epithet that teeters on the precipice of non-usability but nonetheless is more acceptable than . . . you know, that other word.

What do you think? Should white people use "Twigga"? Or is it just for black people who Tweet?

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