Recap: Eugene Mirman and Kristen Schaal live at the Wilbur Theatre from Saturday


"There's some backstage drama that you don't know about. I guess there's a problem with the wireless mics and they can hear what we're saying at The Color Purple!"

That was Kristen Schaal speaking to Eugene Mirman onstage last night at the Wilbur Theatre. The two were reconvening after their respective solo sets when Schaal delivered the news of the audio malfunction, presumably discovered while Mirman - he of the booming baritone - was on stage. Mirman initially shrugged it off; it wasn't until about a minute later that he realized she was talking about the hit play currently showing at the Wang Theatre, right next door to the Wilbur. Once the light bulb went off, he started laughing: "they don't want to hear this." 

Maybe not, but if they paid attention to the deep echoes they might have found it as hilarious as the rest of us. Mirman slayed with a bit comparing religion to the ritualized life of a child with Asperger's Syndrome and handed out belated Father's-Day cards (sample: "You're a way better dad than the dad from Dead Poet's Society"). Schaal didn't quite land as many direct hits - a lot of bits went a little longer than necessary, like her video presentation of the 1929 original version of Terminator that James Cameron ripped off - but still scored high marks by pouring out a jar of mayonnaise for the late Ed McMahon and for a story about the darker side of the supposed fairy-tale life in her native Colorado.

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