This day in Unsexy history: Gilbert Gottfried

Gilbert Gottfried was the, uh, winner of our inaugurial Unsexiest Men of the Year list in 2006. He was recently interviewed about the honor:

GILBERT: The Phoenix Sun did a list of the unsexiest men in the world and I made it to number one. I beat out Bin Laden. He's a terrorist, hasn't bathed in months. I beat him out. To me it was a great honor.

JOHN DEBELLIS: No one deserves that title more than you.

GILBERT GOTTFRIED: My sentiments exactly. It was the best publicity I ever had. It went all over the world, Japan, China,. India, Korea... Europe. In Russia they retitled the article as "The Most A Sexual man in the world." When I got that news I was ringing the bells at Notre Dam. They said, "Climb down. Read this." I've been fighting to hold onto that title and you'd be surprised to see how many women are helping me.
More of Gottfried's genius is here.
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