Horrifyingly terrible idea of the day: US remake of Oldboy

Off the top of my head, I'd say that Korea's Oldboy is probably one of the best films of this decade. For those who haven't seen it yet, it centers around a man incarcerated in his apartment for fifteen years, by an unknown tormentor, for reasons that are unclear to him, and his search for vengeance and answers upon his release. It's alternatingly fist-pumping, brutal, disturbing, and weirdly sweet. It's a unique, creative, groundbreaking, amazing film that has earned a lot of respect from discerning viewers, including our own Peter Keough.

So, of course, Hollywood wants to remake it. Those who have seen the film will instantly recognize this as a bad idea. To the rest, the film's central story arc involves a significant plot twist that I would not dare reveal to those who haven't seen the film. But it's that twist that's going to make this such a difficult sell to mainstream U. S. audience. Especially when you consider who's in talks to climb on board this vehicle: Steven Spielberg and Will Smith. Can President-Elect Obama step in on this or something?

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