Gained In Translation

At first glance, this imported household product looks like a package of six multi-colored abrasive sponges. But after reading the label, we’re not so sure. Clearly, this product necessary product improves with culture knowledge of dwelling understanding.

Brushing & Washing King

 - Never stick any grease

 - Good helper for cleansing

 - The superior Choice Residential Necessaries

 This product is the clear high-tech kitchen with general world Clean appliance, have decontamination power strong do not have scar to not glue The characteristic such as oil is the kitchen clean appliance that receives America, Japan and Italy deeply to wait for the world housewives thick love of every place.

Suitable scope: Family, guesthouse and hotel etc. rub to wash the clean utensil such as refrigerator, washer, and plastic product of aluminum products, porcelain wares and glass utensil.

Yu Wu Jiang Ting Ting Commodity Factory
Factory site: Zhe Yi Tuan Industrial District
Made in China

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