Delicately, schmelicately

OW, man, ow OR all you ever wanted to know about Cho's vagina

As part of her new VHI reality-TV show, The Cho Show, comic and bisexual buzz-girl Margaret Cho underwent the much-talked-about “G-Shot.” The shot, a collagen injection into the patient’s G-Spot, supposedly helps some women achieve vaginal climax more easily and more often by enlarging the highly mythologized erogenous zone. Cho blogged about the procedure in an entry entitled “Donut Pussy,” which as expected, is funny, graphic, and uncomfortable — kind of like the shot itself. She uses analogies like “G-Block Party,” “hemorrhoid donut,” and “punishment for sex offenders,” along with terms and words: “body modification,” OW!!!!,” and  “asexual.”  The G-Shot — which in February made its way into T Magazine, New Scientist, and the Gaurdian  in an article entitled “The elusive G spot really does exist, say researchers” (not quite, a reassuring headline) — is as purported as the area into which it is injected. It has also purportedly, been spurring G-Spot parties — the new Botox party. Fascinating: a vaginal injection in some way compared to a cosmetic injection, meant to paralyze your face.

Why not less press on the much-lauded benefits of the novel G-Shot, more press on the possibility of a female version of Viagra? OR more coverage on the already sure-thing clitoris maybe, with a headline as anachronistic and lame as “Getting to know the C.” We’ve become comfortable and frank discussing Erectile Disfunction; why not the same depth, research, and ease when it comes to the female orgasm and the reason why for some, it’s as elusive as understanding this: enlarging a place on a woman’s vaginal wall just because we can?

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