The Wire: Haikus


We know it's over. That hasn't kept it from our heads though. This afternoon, The Wire inspired haikus in us. By Ryan Stewart and Ellee Dean and Nina MacLaughlin.


The docks are emptyce:office" />

Loyalty won’t save us now

Handshake, shotgun, gone



Stringer Bell, Avon

Two kings reign the streets supreme

Brothers, betrayal



Ziggy plays the fool

A duck, and money burning

He’s got feelings too



Take another swig

McNulty. Bury your truth:

B’more, your heart, burns.



Thomas Carcetti

Promising the moon and stars

What price ambition?



They call him Omar

His targets flee with great haste

The cheese stands alone



Punch me with your eyes.

Troubled past, now clean, Cutty

I’ll call you Dennis.



Streetsong won’t lull you

Mopes, dope, cops corrupt as well

Game where no one wins



Way down in the hole
Under an old Dead blanket
Eyes red like Bubbles



Down to the fire

Blood on backseats, not lovers

Corners for quick graves


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