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A Look at The Look Book

Yes, yes, I am obsessed with Amy Larocca's weekly New York magazine fashion popsicle, in which she interviews one or more crazily dressed urbanite and explains why they are loathsome, amazing, weird, terrible, or the coolest just by asking them, like, four questions. Deborah Solomon, take note! Sometimes the answers are all about What You're Wearing. It really is that simple!

This week's feature is a true gem. The ladies are above, the link to the full text of the Q&A is here, but my favorite response, possibly ever, to the query "What do you do?" is below. SO, okay, these women are kind of insane and obviously loaded and the fur coats are heinous. But isn't this a nice, breezy, non-annoying way to respond to such an inquiry if, say, you don't have a job, and people are all up in your grill, like WHY ARE YOU NOT WORKING? I also think it's an amazing technique even if you DO have a job and a stress attacks and deadlines. Living and enjoying. WHAT A CONCEPT.

What do you guys do?
ELISA: Right now I am living life. Because I can. I’m living, and I’m enjoying. I collect art, I collect fashion. I can’t lie to you, I love it. At some point you follow a type of life with a schedule, and I kind of said, “You know what? I’m going to take a hike for a while.”

That's right! Take a hike, lady! Do it in your riding boots and gray skinny jeans. While you're at it, get yourself a TV show or go become Paris's new BFF. She would heart you!

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