Will White People Buy Stuff White People Like, the Book?

Memed Out

Have you read Stuff White People Like? It's a very funny blog. We hope it will be a very, very, very funny book. Actually, it will probably have to be the funniest book in the entire fucking world to sell enough copies to justify the alleged $350,000 Random House advance, as reported by the Observer's Leon Neyfakh. (Random House's publicity department won't confirm the actual amount, but they say that $350,000 is an incorrect figure.)

Neyfakh also points out that I Can Has Cheezburger, another cute web phenomenon that started on the 4chan message boards, along with anti-Scientology supergroup Anonymous., is similarly basking in the literary glory of viral meme fame. On the political front, Barack Obama Is My New Bicycle also scored a recent contract. Both Cheez and Bicycle will be published by Gotham Books.

Bloggers who get memoir deals? So over!

Quirky meme-creators who get coffee table, gifty humor-pop-culture deals? So now! So very now! Coming soon to your local Urban Outfitters.

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